Upcoming Classes: 2013

Shoes (Four 4 hour courses)

  • Stilettos Class – learn how to make and decorate stilettos out of Fondant.
  • Chocolate Stiletto Class – Decorate chocolate based shoes. Create your own   designed shoes out of fondant.
  • Sneakers and Gym Bag Class – For all those sports fanatics, Learn how to make sneakers with cleats and a Gym bag.
  • Hiking Boots and Cowboy Boots class – Learn how to make different kinds of boot out of Fondant.

Purses (Three 3 hour courses)

  • Mini Purses for on top of cakes – You will learn how to make 4 different styles of purses.
  • Carved Purse – You will learn how to carve a purse out of Cake.
  • 3D Cookie Purse – learn how to create adorable purses made out of cookies

Easter Flowers (One 4 hour Course)

  • Learn how to make fabulous Daffodils, Easter lilies and Tulips flowers out of Fondant

Gum Paste Flowers (Two 4 hour courses)

  • Learn how to create a wonderful looking Peonies flower.

Fondant Draping (One 4 hour course)

  • Learn different draping techniques out of Fondant.
  • Doll Cake Class (4 hour course)
  • Learn how to decorate a gorgeous doll cake using a true Barbie Doll.

Piping Classes (Five 2 hour courses, Five total weeks, 2 hours once a week)

  • Writing Skills – Brush up on your writing Skills, dimensional piping, straight lines, curved lines and pressure control.
  • British over piping – Line Work
  • Cushion Collar on a solid Base.
  • Over piping Collar Hollow Base.
  • Basket Piping – You will pipe basket that can be used for a flower display.